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  • How to Wake Up Early
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How to Wake Up Early

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Introducing Extreme Achievement Formula (EAF)

Get set to take your ability to get giant goals done swiftly and artfully to a completely new level.

Based on 17 years of mentoring NBA stars, rock icons, billionaires and global Titans, ‎EAF is a life-changing online course based in 6 transformational videos and 10 complete audio programs.

You'll learn how to go from where you now are to where you've always dreamed of being. Fast.

I'll walk you through success strategies and tactics that very few know. You'll get results very few see.

It's fun. It's exciting. It's cutting-edge. And it works.

Extreme Achievement Formula is based on the same live workshop that my clients pay $50,000 for.

If you're looking for an online program that promises "magic pill formulas" and requires no effort, Extreme Achievement Formula is not for you.

EAF is for real people who want real tools to create real results so they can have a real impact on their lives and on the world around them.

Here's what just a few of our hundreds of thousands of delighted customers are saying:

"I invested in Extreme Achievement Formula to reach my next level of lasting productivity and performance and to cultivate my life leadership. The sheer passion and mind-boggling quality and quantity within the program are simply awesome. It's intense and action provoking! The return on my investment for me is huge."

- David Brower

"The results are stunning. I raised my income 40%! I have more time with my two kids and wife. I am in better shape than ever before. I'm building a new house. The best thing is that I'm dreaming bigger. And execute on my vision."

- Jacob Marinko

"I have to admit I was a little skeptical about the idea that I would receive 10X the value of what I had invested into the program. How wrong could I be! Robin is generous not only in the materials he provides but his own time and spirit. I have been able to shift my limiting beliefs and feel like the possibilities are endless"

- Charmaine Connolly 

In Extreme Achievement Formula, I walk you through:

  • The daily rituals that the most motivated people in the world use to stay positive and inspired no matter what obstacles they face.
  • How to win the war against distraction so you become "a super producer" of work that makes you legendary in your field.
  • Profound insights that will cause you to break free of what people think of you so you just can't be stopped in the achievement of your vision.
  • 10 cool things you can do within 24 hours to erase any form of "playing victim" from your business and personal life and become a true leader.
  • 50+ ideas that will double your productivity within 14 days (I use many of these daily).
  • My famous "Michelangelo Metaphor" and how using it in your daily workflow and home life will shift you from "ongoing complexity" to "noteworthy simplicity".
  • The "10X Value Obsession" concept that has made my clients millions of dollars.
  • The 5 easy steps that you absolutely must take to unleash the potential you were born with so you get remarkable goals done swiftly and elegantly.
  • How to feel as mentally and physically tough as a Navy Seal during the hardest of conditions.
  • 8 habits that the most admired performers in the world are running to get their outcomes (anyone can do these but few know them).
  • Great methods to have more energy every day, finally get your work and family life into neat balance and become a lot happier (when you learn how to become an "eternal optimist" your productivity will soar, people will love being around you even more and you'll start to see opportunities that you missed before... 

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